Good Health Pharmacy uses state of the art technology to automate its pharmacy/dispensary, this ensures less time is spent filling prescriptions and more time is spent attending to the customers’ needs.

‘CONSIS’ – a robotic dispenser by pharmacy industry leader Willach – has been installed at Good Health Pharmacy to help improve efficiencies and to give staff more time to spend with customers.

“When we made the decision to refit the pharmacy/dispensary we decided it was a great opportunity to make some changes to improve the overall running of the pharmacy,” said pharmacist and owner Colin.

“We installed Willach’s CONSIS robot to enhance the overall working environment of our pharmacy’s dispensary and to help improve script waiting times for customers.”

“Customers can now enjoy dealing directly with the pharmacist and having their prescriptions virtually filled on the spot there and then – we are really excited to offer this new ‘Express Script’ service to our customers. Most of us are so time poor today that we are confident that being able to provide high quality service quickly and conveniently will be valued by customers and set us apart from the rest.”

“The CONSIS robot improves a number of efficiencies in the workplace and automatically delivers medicines. This means our pharmacists no longer need to go to the back of the dispensary to dispense medicines – they will be out the front a lot more and they will also have more time to consult with customers about their health needs.”

While dispensary automation technology is widespread across European pharmacies, in Australia it’s still in its infancy. The CONSIS robot is one of the first of its kind in the area, but the number of  channel dispensing robots continues to grow as pharmacists – and their customers – see the benefits.

“We’re thrilled with the changes we’re seeing in the pharmacy since the CONSIS robot joined our team. At Good Health Pharmacy we have a strong focus on customer service and this new technology is allowing pharmacists to be out the front of the store, spending time with customers, rather than picking medicines and stocking shelves.”

“What’s more, with CONSIS we can offer our customers the highest level of safety. The robot scans and delivers all stock automatically, greatly improving stock management and control.
“The CONSIS robot has already attracted a lot of interest – it provides great theatre for customers in the pharmacy, who can easily observe the robot hard at work.”
Pharmacist, Colin, and the team at Good Health Pharmacy invite you to pop in and see the state of the art CONSIS robot in action!

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